James Watson Design
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James Watson is a designer, illustrator and animator

PowerSage is an easy way to keep track of your energy usage from day to day or year to year. Designed to be fun and personable, PowerSage was built from initial brand concepts all the way to app and 1-page marketing website.

The goal was to create a friendly and easy to use site that guided a user step by step through a process that would normally be seen as quite complicated.


Additional Recent Work


Concept, design and strategy of a web platform for designers to explore and discover motion design.

Yogurt packaging concept for Target 

An Information Design project telling the story of corn; from the grass Teosinte and over 7,000 years, corn has encompassed the large scope and scale we see today.

PowerSage logo concept and animation

SpotOn logo animation

Branding for a craft beer blog concept 

Animation and interaction concept for an event app